Dashboard in PE

The PracticeEvolve Dashboard has been implemented to extract information from several functions within PracticeEvolve and provide users with a snapshot of that information in one location.

The Dashboard can be utilised by all levels of staff, with the ability to view and create custom Dashboard Layouts that are relevant to their role in the Organisation.

There are two sample Layouts enabled within the Dashboard feature that Administrators will be able to view and which can be saved for use by your firm:

  1. The Sample Firm Layout is directed at high level users, such as a Partner or Director of the organisation. The Firm Layout enables you to view financial data and track performance for the organisation overall and compare data across the specific divisions or departments; and
  2. The Sample Personal Layout is directed at fee earners, enables them to view financial data and track their personal performance across a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis; and

There is also the option to create New Layouts using the Widgets available in the Firm and Personal ‘Sample Layouts’, and other Widgets that link to Tasks, Call Logs and/or Appointments in PracticeEvolve.

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